The Sask Love Project submissions NOW OPEN! Submissions close August 31, 2019.

The Sask Love Project Promotion

Thank you to Global News Regina, CBC news, and CBC Radio for covering The Sask Love Project!

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The Sask Love Project

Show the world how much you love Saskatchewan and be a part of a province-wide, collaborative writing project that brings our communities together.  Tell us why you love Saskatchewan and turn your love and fond memories into a published legacy for all to cherish for generations. 

We are curating a book written by the people of Saskatchewan, highlighting all the reasons to love our province. The Sask Love Project will capture who Saskatchewan is today from young children who are just learning about this amazing province, to our residents who have lived their long lives in the wheat fields or in our beautiful cities, and everyone in between. 

We will come together and raise our voices to be heard. We are Saskatchewan.


Sponsorship Opportunities for The Sask Love Project


Submit your stories

 We will be gathering submissions throughout the summer from people all around Saskatchewan who wish to be a part of The Sask Love Project. Each proper submission* will be incorporated into the publication, with the contributors being credited as participating members. In order to ensure quality, there will be a $5.00 submission fee per submission.


Small Town Sask Challenge

To encourage all communities in our great province and as a token of gratitude to the people of rural Saskatchewan for participating in this exciting project, the community that enters the most proper submissions* will not only be a part of The Sask Love Project, but will be the focus of their very own book that will show the world how amazing their Small Town Sask is. 


The Sask Love Project Event

 We would love to host an all ages The Sask Love Project Event in your community! As a part of The Sask Love Project Event we will do a book reading of our latest children’s book, and away they went: a saskatchewan adventure. This is a picture book about two friends, Amelia and Jack, who go on an adventure in search of Jack’s red balloon. This story leads readers through some of Saskatchewan’s communities, such as Batoche National Historic Site, Wanuskewin Heritage Park, and Churchill River. This book can be purchased on or other online bookstores. We would be happy to sign any books that your community brings to the event. In addition to our book reading we will also be sharing our own Saskatchewan stories, introducing The Sask Love Project, and allowing your community to share their Saskatchewan stories. These stories can then be written and submitted to The Sask Love Project and be published in our book. In order to request a The Sask Love Project Event in your community, please click on the button below and submit a request form. 

An honorarium is humbly requested in order to cover the costs to travel to your community.

Request The Sask Love Project Event

How to Submit

  1. The Sask Love Project Event held in a community near you.
  2. Online - Send completed proper submissions*, authorization form, and $5.00 submission fee per submission via etransfer to
  3. Mail - Send completed proper submissions, authorization form, and cheque to

823 Dolan Street,

S4X 1T6

Regina, SK


Please make cheques payable to here we inspire. Creative Publishing

Submit your story

Submission Guidelines

*A proper submission adheres to the following guidelines:

  • 100 words or less
  • Original writing
  • Legible
  • English language submissions only
  • Appropriate for all ages - Submissions will not be published if content contains profanity, illegal activity, drugs or alcohol, negativity, discrimination, sexual innuendo, or any other content we deem inappropriate for The Sask Love Project