Be a Sask Love School


Attention teachers and administrators!

Do you love Saskatchewan? Do you want your school to be showcased as a part of The Sask Love Project? Do you want your students to have a meaningful authentic writing experience to kick off the 2019/2020 school year? Do you want to be designated and celebrated as a Sask Love School?

Well we have the project for you! From the beginning of the school year to November 8th,, 2019, we will be accepting Sask Love stories from your school community.

What do these stories need to be about?

The 100 words or less stories can be about anything that reflects Saskatchewan. They can be as simple as one sentence from a young student sharing what they love about Saskatchewan “I love the big sky”, to a memory a teacher has of growing up at the family farm, to a story about a community who came together in times of crisis, to a newcomer’s new love for the province. The stories are endless and everyone has one!

How does my school become a Sask Love School?

Saskatchewan schools who submit 25 proper submissions will be designated and celebrated as a Sask Love School. Submissions can be submitted by students, teachers, or parents from that school community. Submissions must be positive, under 100 words, appropriate, in English, authorized and paid. All submissions are $5.00 and can be gathered and paid by cheque or etransfer.

*cheques payable to here we inspire. Creative Publishing

*etransfer to

Do the students need parental permission to have their stories submitted?

Yes. Submissions will not be accepted without The Sask Love Project Authorization Form signed by the students’ parents or guardians. Submissions sent from adults must also be signed and sent along with the piece of writing.

Does each submission cost $5.00? 

Yes. Each submission sent in has a $5.00 fee to pay for the project and the publishing and to ensure the submissions are of high quality. 

I want to do this with my class, but school cannot afford the entire submission fee.

In this situation you'll have to be creative!

-Have all of your students write stories and only submit those whose families want to complete 

 the submission process.

-apply for funding from your parent council 

-have the students bring $2.50 and the school pays $2.50

-host a back to school bake sale or other fundraising effort

Let us know what you are doing to fundraise or other ways to add to this list! 

Can we send photos?

Photos can be sent in along with submissions at no additional fee, however they are not guaranteed to be published. You may also send photos of your students working on the submissions or photos of your school to be celebrated on our Instagram and website! 

What perks do my school get when we become a Sask Love School?

All submissions that are sent to us are published in The Sask Love Project! In addition to having your school community being represented in this publication, your school will be celebrated on our Instagram @thesaskloveproject, will receive a certificate that you can display proudly, a copy of The Sask Love Project book for your school library, and have the chance to have a celebration ceremony hosted by the creators of The Sask Love Project, Krista McDivitt and Michael Slobodian!

How do we win the celebration with The Sask Love Project creators?

The school who submits the most proper submissions could win a celebration assembly hosted by The Sask Love Project creators. This is based on location and availability. If celebrating in person is not feasible, the winning school will get a personalized video that can be shared at an assembly! 

What are some ways we can incorporate the whole community in this project?

The best part about The Sask Love Project is that it brings us all together in positivity and love. Your school could send information home to encourage families to participate or even host an after school Sask Love writing event where families gather at the school and write the submissions together! There are endless ways to show your love for your province and your community and doing it together makes it even better!

If you have questions about this exciting project, please email us at We are happy to answer your questions and assist in any way we can!

How to submit

For submission information and forms, visit our submissions page!

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