"Our children deserve authentic learning opportunities that allow them to create something real and meaningful. Authentic writing is a powerful instructional tool that can not only increase our literacy rates, but change our classrooms and students’ lives." - The Value of Authentic Writing, McDivitt, 2018.


Giving our students a purpose for writing strengthens motivation and engagement, which increases literacy rates. We know that publishing is a great way to do this, but it is difficult and often daunting to take on a large scale publishing project.

 Give your students an authentic audience and publishing opportunity, but let us do the heavy lifting!




We are calling for writing submissions from students of all grades based on a 

series of book concepts

After the submission deadline, the curators at here we inspire. Creative Publishing assess all student writing and illustrations, then choose the submissions that best suit the project. We then edit, organize, design, format, and publish high quality school resources and literature available online, worldwide! 

Students who are chosen will be credited as contributors to our collaborative publications, as well as showcased on our website to get the recognition they deserve!

Teachers, we haven't forgotten about you! Participating teachers get the complete lesson plan and resources they will need to guide their student's writing - for FREE! 

We will also showcase great teachers, like you, who are championing authentic writing 

in their classrooms!

Teachers, you rock and we love you!