Classbook Series Program

Are you interested in writing and publishing a book with your whole class? here we inspire. Creative Publishing has a program for you! You can write a high-quality classbook with your students that is published for a worldwide audience! This is more than just printing books made by your class! It is collaboratively creating high-quality, marketable books that are available for purchase online - all around the world.

To get started, decide on what outcome, standard, topic, mode of writing, or genre you are wanting to engage with in your class. Then, fill out the here we inspire. Classbook Series Survey. This information will be sent to our book creators and they will create a book concept, Kickstarter campaign, lesson plans, and resources related to the creation of the book! After the submission date, here we inspire. curators revise, edit, format, and polish the book into a high-quality, full-colour paperback that will be sold worldwide. 

How it works

Step One: Book Details


Decide your learning goals for this project.

Questions to consider:

What do you want your students to learn? 

What topic do you want to focus on?

What outcome or standard are your students learning? 

What aspect of writing would you like to teach?

Step Two: The Survey


Fill out the here we inspire. Classbook Series Survey below.

Step Three: Pre-Sale


here we inspire. will send you your custom book concept and promotional package, including your classbook's Kickstarter campaign that you will use for pre-sales. After selling a minimum of 10 pre-sale books, you will unlock your FREE custom "The Making of..." teacher guide, that will give you everything you need to complete your publishing project. You can choose between a one or two week pre-sale. 

*If the minimum pre-sale is not achieved,  the project will not move forward and all Kickstarter purchases will be reimbursed as per the Kickstarter guidelines.

Step Four: Writing


Follow the lesson plans, use the resources, and supplement with your own great ideas to create fantastic student work!

Step Five: Submissions


Submit all student work that you wish to be a part of the book to here we inspire. as per the submission guidelines.

Step Six: Our Turn


Waiting is the hardest part, but know that during this time of waiting, we are turning your book into magic! We are revising, editing, polishing, morphing, and formatting your words into a book that more than just a mother could love!

Step Seven: Published!


Congratulations! You have published a here we inspire. Classbook!

Your pre-sale books will be sent to your school and your book is available - online, worldwide!

Don't forget to celebrate with a Book Launch!

here we inspire. Classbook Series Survey

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Promotional Campaign Information, while not required, is an important step to a successful pre-sale. Please include any information regarding your class, school, goals, hopes, and/or dreams for this project. This allows the Kickstarter to be more personalized and aid to your book's success!